Services Catalog

Services Catalog____________________________________

Kesem Technology offers a suite of services to support you now and as you grow and your needs change.

Technical Supporttech support 2

Kesem can manage your server in your office, both remotely management and monitoring as well as at your home or office. With user-friendly non-jargon assistance we iron out those technical wrinkles.
The technical support team is composed of individuals that are familiar with the ins and outs of server, workstations and networks and related equipment. We are able to troubleshoot most problems that a user experiences. We can have constant monitoring of your servers, or on demand, as initiated by you. Your determine your comfort level.  Technical support may be provided over the phone, via remote control session, through email, or on site.


Hosting and Web Site Optionsserver room 2

Kesem Technology began hosting operations in 1999! We specialize in Windows and Unix hosting, with a variety of configurable data base support.

You want to have a web site but you know your limitations and want to focus on what you know best. You need some design help or just want to turn that over to a pro. Or perhaps you have a site but feel it could use a little ‘facelift’.

We can help. Our partners can assist you with a little hand holding, a lot of hand holding, or make it a turnkey operation for you.

We support WordPress on Linux with c-Panel, Windows based Cold Fusion, .net, Virtualmin WebPanel, as well as Joomla, and Drupal. Each package comes with e-mail services, and customized options are available. We backup nightly, so we can also help you quickly recover from ‘mistakes’!

Database Optionsfiles on network

Kesem uses Microsoft’s SQL  and/or MySQL database product to hold data and content for its data driven web site.  As such, we also offer SQL hosting as a stand-alone service.  If you have an application that requires an industrial strength, secure data base that’s available to your employees or customers, we can host that database for you and make it available, securely, over the Web.



Broadcast E-mail Servicesemail in hands

We offer Campaign Enterprise + Port25 MTA for broadcast E-mail services – an outstanding ‘industrial strength’ broadcast e-mail service. Just give us your artwork and copy and list, in any format, we do the rest!



Cloud Servicescloud files

In addition to offering hosting services on our own servers, Kesem Technology owns and operates a scale-able cloud server environment. We can provide you with ‘bridge services’ to run your legacy systems while you upgrade to other services, or give you your own workstation or multiple workstations in the cloud available via a web browser! Imagine being able to use your own suite of programs from anywhere, require ONLY a current browser (Chrome, Explorer, etc.) No ‘terminal services’ installation – just a browser! Or where necessary we can provision up to 44 virtual cpu’s with up to 110 GB of RAM, variable or fixed ‘iops’ and terabytes of disk space. Configurations designed and quoted on request.